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Pioneering support for women & birthing people during their motherhood journey, including pregnancy & the postnatal period.

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Motherhood Support System


Pioneering support for women & birthing people during their motherhood journey.

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Can the FLY MAMA Programs Help Me?    

Our support programs help you to understand, heal from and manage the some of the common fallouts experienced during your pregnancy, postnatal and ongoing motherhood journey, including:

  • Back pain
  • Pelvic Girdle Pain
  • Tummy gap (diastasis recti)
  • Prolapse
  • Pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Stress management
  • Anxiety and overwhelm
  • Maternal guilt
  • Maternal anger and rage
  • Low mood, disconnection and depression
  • Balancing motherhood & work


a multi-device mockup of some FLY Mama programs, icluding yoga, pelvic education and breathwork

Our most popular motherhood bundle supports you physically and emotionally throughout your pregnancy and helps you to heal, rebuild and thrive in the months beyond.

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Pregnancy, Postpartum and Beyond The Motherhood Support Bundle

Three payment options

Transfer to another bundle if needed or cancel with no obligations


Becoming a mama can be the best and the most challenging journey. 


encourages you to.....

First Love Your Self Mama  

We will be alongside you during the physical and emotional transformation and shift in identify that you experience throughout your motherhood journey.


FLY MAMA's holistic five pillared approach is delivered by Kelly and Michelle through a pre-recorded video library that you can access at any time.

We have a private online community where you can connect with other people and support one another.

 We also have guest speakers that are experts in their field and add valuable content to our programs.

FLY MAMA motherhood support membership shown here on different devices and showing the membership course outline

The Five Pillars of Health


The five pillars of health are woven throughout all of our Motherhood Support  Bundles

The five pillars of health used in the FLY Mama programs illustrated with gold coloured graphics on a blue background
The Education pillar represented by a book

Pillar 1: Education

The EDUCATION pillar empowers you with knowledge and understanding of your own body. Our Women’s Health Physiotherapist and guest speakers talk about the physical and hormonal changes in your body and how to best support yourself with practical tips and advice. Our trauma informed specialist leads talk on nervous system regulation and stress management. 

Pillar 2: Movement 

Our MOVEMENT classes include clinically led pre and postnatal Pilates and Yoga classes helping you to stay strong, reduce tension and minimise aches and pains during your pregnancy and as you heal from birth. We support you to rebuild your strength through your postpartum journey with a particular focus on your core and pelvic floor.  We build you up to cope with the more demanding tasks, hobbies and sports that you enjoy as well as  the physical  demands of motherhood.

The Movement pillar represented by a yoga pose
The Coaching pillar represented by an image of a brain with cog wheels inside

Pillar 3: Coaching 

Our COACHING pillar looks at Matrescence and how this huge transition and change in identity that we can feel when we become mothers affects our mental and emotional wellbeing. Within this pillar we also deliver reflective journaling processes and wellbeing coaching. 

Pillar 4: Energy 

Our ENERGY pillar includes meditations, energy release practices and guided breathwork classes. Our trauma informed Yoga and Breathwork instructor delivers this combination of classes to help support our nervous system and aid our emotional regulation which highly affects our energy and  capacity.

The Energy pillar represented by someone practicing breathwork
The Connection pillar represented by a group hug

Pillar 5: Connection 

We know the power and importance of CONNECTION and COMMUNITY on our platform so our connection pillar includes a private online community where you can support one another and feel less alone, as well recommendations of organisations, book, podcasts and products which maybe supportive. We also aim to offer in person events in the future.

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Hi, we're Kelly and Michelle

Kelly is an experienced Trauma Informed Yoga and Breath Work instructor, Matrescence Coach and Mama Rising™ facilitator specialising in supporting women and birthing people following birth trauma, perinatal trauma and loss. 

Her passion comes from her pain and has led her to become dedicated to supporting women whilst they heal from their perinatal experiences.

"I believe that we can all heal and recover from our experiences at any stage in our lives and be the women and mothers that we desire and deserve to be."

Michelle is a Chartered Physiotherapist specialising in Women's Pelvic and Hormonal Healths . She supports women through their childbearing years, and beyond, to optimise their pelvic and hormonal health.  She is particularly passionate about self empowerment through education and wants to help more women gain a better understanding of their bodies to heal from and prevent pelvic floors dysfunction.

Michelle is also a certified Mummy MOT practitioner, trauma informed physiotherapist, clinical pilates instructor and has lifestyle medicine training. She is experienced in providing care following birth trauma, perinatal trauma and loss.

Michelle and Kelly's clinically led, trauma informed and holistic approach is weaved throughout the platform and FLY Mama's 5 pillars of health.  

Meet the team

Kelly Thistlethwaite and Michelle Norton-Hughes shown here smiling

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