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How Can FLY Mama Help Me? 

Our trauma informed online platform supports you physically and emotionally after perinatal trauma and loss.

We provide physiotherapy led, Women's Health education talks, clinically led Pilates and Yoga classes, nervous system education and regulation techniques, Coaching and Matrescence talks and a supportive online community.

FLY MAMA's support bundles are designed to meet your specific circumstances of perinatal trauma and loss. 

Our holistic five pillared approach is delivered by Kelly and Michelle through a pre-recorded video library that you can access at any time.

Our trauma informed platform supports you heal from and manage some of the common physical and emotional fallouts following your experience including:

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  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Pelvic girdle pain
  • C-section scaring and perineal tearing
  • Stress and trauma related physical symptoms including: pain, tension, tightness, sweating, trembling, numbness, sickness
  • Anxiety
  • Overwhelm 
  • Panic attacks
  • Low mood and depression
  • Headaches
  • Flashbacks and triggers
  • Nightmares
  • Sleep problems¬†
  • Reduced immunity, circulation, digestive function, hormonal imbalances, inflammation
  • Irritability, anger and rage
  • Social¬†avoidance and isolation
  • Disconnection with self and others¬†

 Our bundles are available from as little as £30 per month!

You are able to transfer to another bundle should your circumstances change or cancel with no obligation.

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Explore our bundles.

We are here to walk alongside you

clickable image for the birth trauma support bundle

Birth Trauma

Support Bundle 

clickable image for the stillbirth and neonatal loss support bundle

Stillbirth & Neonatal Death Support Bundle

clickable image for the rainbow baby support bundle

Rainbow Baby

Support Bundle 

clickable image for the early pregnancy and babyloss support bundle

Early Pregnancy & Baby Loss Support Bundle

clickable image for the termination for medical reasons support bundle

Termination for Medical Reasons Support Bundle

clickable image for the life limiting diagnosis in pregnancy support bundle

Life Limiting Diagnosis in Pregnancy Support Bundle 

clickable image for the life limiting diagnosis postpartum support bundle

Life Limiting Diagnosis in Postpartum Period Support Bundle

clickable image for the pregnancy after birth trauma  support bundle

Pregnancy After Birth Trauma Support Bundle




...walks alongside you

We will be alongside you during your healing journey as you cope with your trauma and loss. You deserve safe, professional and expert guidance that is both sensitive to your needs and understanding of your situation.

Our unique program is here to make you feel less alone, to make you feel safe and allow you to become connected to your body and the world again, in whatever time it takes.

The Five Pillars of Health


The five pillars of health are woven throughout all of our Support  Bundles

graphics illustrating the five pillars of support: connection, education, movement, energy and connection

Pillar 1: Education

The  EDUCATION pillar includes education around the effect that stress and trauma have on our bodies and nervous system, covering triggers, capacity and stress management during and/or following trauma and loss. Our women's health education classes inform and help individuals to understand any physical condition they may be experiencing during pregnancy or healing from postpartum, including prolapse, urinary incontinence, pelvic floor healing and perineal tears.

graphic illustration of a book for the education pillar
graphic illustration of woman doing yoga for the movement pillar

Pillar 2: Movement 

Our trauma informed MOVEMENT classes use trauma-sensitive language woven through our Pilates and Yoga classes. We offer safe and progressive exercise encouraging you to move well, to enhance healing and to support your sleep quality. We then guide you through exercises to rebuild your strength and connect to your body. Our pregnancy support bundles specifically supports people who are pregnant following trauma or loss. 

Pillar 3: Coaching 

Our trauma informed COACHING pillar, titled MATRESCENCE THROUGH THE LENS OF TRAUMA & LOSS, looks at the ways in which our identity and motherhood journey is affected by loss and trauma and normalises common feelings which, when not spoken about, can feel more traumatic and isolating.

graphic illustration of a brain with cogwheels for the coaching pillar
graphic illustration of woman in lotus position for the energy pillar

Pillar 4: Energy 

Our trauma informed ENERGY pillar includes a combination of classes to help support and regulate the nervous system following trauma and loss. These classes are progressive so as to not overwhelm the system any further and include grounding and orienting practices alongside meditations and breathing exercises. All of these help to manage low mood, disconnection triggers, anxiety and panic attacks.  

Pillar 5: Connection  

We know the power and importance of CONNECTION and COMMUNITY on our platform and our trauma informed CONNECTION pillar includes our private online community pages where women and birthing people support one another and gain an invaluable sense of not being alone. We also bring together resources for you, from  recommended products, services, podcasts and books. 

graphic illustration of woman doing yoga for the movement pillar

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If you'd like to discuss anything about our Perinatal Trauma & Loss Support System, please get in touch - there are no silly questions.

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Hi, we're Kelly and Michelle

Kelly is an experienced Trauma Informed Yoga and Breath Work instructor, Matrescence Coach and Mama Rising™ facilitator specialising in supporting women and birthing people following birth trauma, perinatal trauma and loss. 

Her passion comes from her pain and that of her private client's has led her to become dedicated to supporting women whilst they heal from their perinatal experiences.

"I believe that we can all heal and recover from our experiences at any stage in our lives and be the women and mothers that we desire and deserve to be."

Michelle is a Chartered Physiotherapist specialising in Women's Pelvic and Hormonal Health. She supports women through their childbearing years, and beyond, to optimise their pelvic and hormonal health.

Michelle is also a trauma informed physiotherapist and experienced in providing care following birth trauma, perinatal trauma and loss.

She is also a clinical pilates instructor and a certified Mummy MOT Practitioner.

More about Kelly & Michelle

Kelly Thistlethwaite and Michelle Norton-Hughes



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