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A Pioneering And Integrated Healthcare Solution In Maternity Care For Corporates, Charitable & Other Organisations

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FLY Mama's Powerful "Why"

In the UK pregnancy and postnatal care, especially following perinatal trauma and loss, is frequently a very fragmented experience. Many women and birthing people, often at a time of overwhelm, are unaware of what help is available and/or how to access it.

The statistics are shocking and speak for themselves as to why professional guidance and support at this time should be of paramount importance and be accessible in a timely manner:


of women have pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy 


of women have urinary incontinence up to 7 years postnatally


of post partum women have some degree of pelvic organ prolapse

up to 20% 

report maternal mental health concerns whilst pregnant/1 year postpartum

“England’s maternity services are under massive and increasing pressures as births rise and serious midwife shortages worsen. On top of this there is significant underinvestment from the Government. Maternity services are caught in a vicious cycle." Executive Director for the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) Birte Harlev-Lam, 2021 


A significant factor contributing to the need for better maternity care is that, according to UK Birth Trauma Associations, 30,000 women experienced birth trauma in 2022. It is now well acknowledged that birth trauma affects not only the physical but also the emotional and mental wellbeing of a mother and, in 2020, TOMMY'S Charity reported:

2638 stillbirths


250,000 miscarriages


1719 neonatal deaths


FLY Mama is the SOLUTION

To our knowledge, no other professionally led program addresses both the physical healing from pregnancy and birth with a trauma informed program that supports the effects of  perinatal trauma and loss.

Created by mothers and health care professionals, FLY MAMA is  on a mission to support birthing people to HEAL, REBUILD and THRIVE.

Addressing the need identified by the Government's Workplace and Gender Equality Research Program in 2018 and align with plans to devolve much of maternity care into the community, FLY MAMA's trailblazing approach is now here.

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A Multidisciplinary TRAUMA INFORMED Approach For Corporates, Charities & Other Organisations That Support the Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing of Birthing People.

Our unique FLY MAMA programs support corporates, charities and other organisations to help their clientele during:

The Pregnancy & Postpartum period

Following Perinatal Trauma or Loss

During Pregnancy After Loss

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FLY Mama Works With Organisations, Enabling Them To Provide The Best In Maternity Care

Support For Corporate Organisations

Are you an employer or manager aspiring to offer exemplary maternal wellbeing support? FLY MAMA provides expert and innovative guidance, facilitating the creation of supportive pathways for your employees, enabling them to feel supported and empowered.

Charitable Foundations & Organisations

Are you a charitable organisation working with women and birthing people during and after difficult and traumatic experiences? FLY MAMA provides an amazing online support system resource that you can offer your clientele to access in addition to the care you already give.

Organisations & Other Institutions

Are you an organisation such as a university or educational establishment or a government funded employer that has responsibility for the care of staff and students during their childbearing years? FLY MAMA's trailblazing guidance helps you build support pathways for your staff and students.  

FLY MAMA is proud to be a recipient of an Innovate UK development grant.

Innovate UK is part of the government's UK Research and Innovation organisation which recognises pioneering work, funding and investing in new businesses.


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What We Bring To You

FLY Mama is an online platform offering exceptional help and support that women and birthing people deserve during their childbearing years. We support through pregnancy, the postpartum period and through experiences of perinatal trauma or loss.

We will collaborate with your organisation so that you can provide this trailblazing support system for your colleagues, staff, students and clientele

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graphic illustrating the five pillars of support that run through the fly mama programs - movement, education, energy, connection and coaching

FLY Mama's Clinically Led Programs


  • Our 5 pillars of support run throughout our programs from pregnancy, 4th trimester and beyond.
  • We offer physiotherapy led, c-section and pelvic floor advice alongside trauma specialist led nervous system regulation techniques to ease anxiety and manage the impact and fallout of traumatic experiences.
  • As clinicians we directly interact with our clients who benefit from our programs.
  • Our corporate wellbeing program supports employers and employees through these life events.
  • We also have a pioneering charity partnership program supporting those that have experienced trauma and loss

FLY MAMA's Support Programs

Your organisation can offer the most appropriate support program to meet the needs of your clientele.

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Pregnancy & Postnatal Support

This motherhood support program takes the form of an online platform supporting women and birthing people alongside their motherhood journey: from trying to conceive, through pregnancy and the postnatal period (or 4th trimester.)

Our motherhood membership program provides

  • a range of carefully created support 'bundles' to meet the needs of each individual
  • live classes
  • a video library of resources
  • a private online community
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Perinatal Trauma & Loss Support

A trauma-informed online platform providing accessible and professional guidance supporting the physical and emotional well-being of birthing people following perinatal trauma and loss.

Our trauma informed motherhood support program provides:

  • a range of carefully created support 'bundles' to meet the needs of each individual
  • live classes
  • a library of video resources
  • a private online community
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woman practicing yoga with a transparent overlay showing the title of this program
woman practicing yoga with an overlay showing the title of this program

Full Program of  Support

This complete program  supports women and birthing people alongside their whole motherhood journey: from trying to conceive, through pregnancy and the postnatal period. We also support through any perinatal trauma or loss that may have been experienced

Our full support membership program provides

  • a range of carefully created support 'bundles' to meet the needs of each individual
  • live classes
  • a video library of resources
  • a private online community
Learn More About This Program

Hi, we're Kelly and Michelle

Kelly¬†is an experienced¬†Trauma Informed¬†Yoga and Breath Work instructor,¬†Matrescence¬†Coach and¬†Mama Rising‚ĄĘ¬†facilitator specialising in supporting women and birthing people following birth trauma, perinatal trauma and loss.¬†

Her passion comes from her pain and has led her to become dedicated to supporting women whilst they heal from their perinatal experiences.

"I believe that we can all heal and recover from our experiences at any stage in our lives and be the women and mothers that we desire and deserve to be."

Michelle is a Chartered Physiotherapist specialising in Women's Pelvic and Hormonal Health. She supports women through their childbearing years, and beyond, to optimise their pelvic and hormonal health.

Michelle is also a trauma informed physiotherapist and experienced in providing care following birth trauma, perinatal trauma and loss.

She is also a fully qualified clinical pilates instructor and a certified Mummy MOT Practitioner.

Meet the FLY Mama team

Professional photoshoot of Kelly and Michelle, co-founders of fly mama

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